Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg

When Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg married
into the Habsburg house she wore a beautiful
and small diamond tiara. The provenance of this
tiara is unknown at this time. Any info on it
would be greatly appreciated.

The bridal veil which met the length of the
train, looked as though it may be a family
heirloom. Possibly made out of lace, the
veil features embroidery through out.

Flowing and large – the bridal gown was
made of soft white silk. The gown was
made with ¾ length sleeves, ending at the
elbow. The neckline was a soft and shallow
V-shape. The bodice consisted of a “Princess”
waist, which lead to a pleated and rather full,
bell shaped skirt. It looked as though the dress
was floating, the skirt was so beautifully full…
The bridal train was attached at the waist and
was around 3 meters long.

The bride carried a bouquet of red and
purple flowers.