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Hello All,

WELCOME to our site. This site was made for the sole purpose of enjoyment. We hope that all of you enjoy coming to visit this site as much as we enjoy making it! We love to make web sites. We also really enjoy sharing our hobbies with others. One of those of course is none other than history. For those of us running this site, weddings are what we enjoy. Royal Weddings have a tendency to shape history. Royal Weddings also reshape the history of the Parties involved. At times that can be a magnitude. What more to make a site on than, the Bride herself? A bride is always, and forever, the focus of attention at any wedding.....!!! This site was made because we find that there are so many sites out there dedicated either to one wedding or several royal weddings, but, none completely dedicated to the bride herself.

The Brides section (which is the main section of this site) is definitely not the only section that will be featured. Eventually we will expand (we hope soon in the future) to portions on The Groom as well, and wedding lists. Both have been suggested recently. Those are possibilities that are being sought through. For the time being, this site will only be and will focus on the Royal Bride.

Bridal pages on this site consist of the following information: The Bride, Ensemble Info. (TIARA/DRESS), Bouquet information, and with of course a photo of both the dress and the head wear.

Please feel free to post on the message board. The message board is a fun place to chat about your favorite wedding, groom, dress, location, etc.

Please know that all and any photos from this site have been emailed or sent to me. If they are not from me they have been scanned from a magazine. Those of us who run this site in no way intend to offend anyone, so please let us know if any of these photos might do so…..

Please enjoy our site, and we hope to have you back to visit soon.

If you would like to use any photos on this site, please email me and ask first. Gathering photos and info for this site was not easy, it took a good while to put together, and is still growing. I am a pretty easy person… so if you would like to use photos or would like info for your own site, please email me.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the webmaster . Thank You!