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Princess Zhara Aga Khan
When Princess Zhara Khan married
in 1997, The bridal veil was made
of a sheeth thin lace, embroidered
with gold thead.

Zhara wore a beautiful dress
designed by Christian Locroix
of white lace, which was extr-
avagantly and beautiful embro-
idered completely with gold
thread. The daughter of Agah
Khan’s dress buttoned completely
up the front, from the neck to
the bottom of the skirt. The
hem of the dress around the
buttons, the bottom of the skirt,
around the neckline, around
the waist (belt), and the ends
of the sleeves of the dress
are all embroidered with gold

The gold thread was used through
out the dress with a beautiful
flower pattern, which seems to
be a lot stronger on the top of
the shoulders, the bottom of the
skirt and about the belt around
the waist line.

The gold shapes in the brides dress
seem to be triangular, oval and
circle shapes. All made out of gold
thread woven into the dress. The
full length, beautifully bell shaped
skirt was also beautifully embroidered
around the bottom hem with gold thread.

The bride carried a bouquet of white
and yellow flowers, and dark green