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Ute Maria Konig
Ute wore a beautiful tiara of
circlets and pearls. The tiara
belongs to the family of Prince
Hubertus of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.
It has been worn by his sister and
other women in the family. No
other jewelry accompanied the tiara.

Ute wore a white dress of silk. The dress
which seems to have small straps that
wrap around the neck, was with out a
back. The dress was ankle length with
a small bell shaped skirt. Fitted at the
top and at the waist the dress seems as
though it has very delicate (not many)
pleats. The dress which had no sleeves,
had a very low neckline.
Ute used a tulle/crepe material wrap to
cover the top of her dress and around her arms.

She had a bouquet of white large roses.

The skirt was bell shaped, and full.
The train was attached at the waist.
It was about the same length of the veil.

The bride carried a very green bouquet
with lots of small white flowers.