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Princess Irina of Hesse
For her wedding in 1998 Ariana von
Irina of Hesse wore a beautiful
diamond tiara, which looked like
it was designed after a field of
flowers. The tiara featured a small
thin base, and several small and
large stocks of flowers. The
provenance of this tiara is unknown.

The bridal veil looks as through
it may be a family heirloom. It
is embroidered with beautiful medium
size flowers. Irina also wore a pair
of diamond and pearl earrings.

The Princess chose a dress of white
silk. It was made off the shoulder,
with a small shallow scooped neckline.
The sleeves on the dress were hanging
on the upper arm, and were medium sized
with the same material used in the train
to make small sleeves.
The rest of the gown was exquisite with a
well fitted bodice area, the gown featured
a “princess” style waist, with pleats
gown the skirt.

The skirt was bell shaped, and full.
The train was attached at the waist.
It was about the same length of the veil.

The bride carried a very green bouquet
with lots of small white flowers.