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Rosario Nadal
For her 1989 wedding, Rosario Nadal,
chose a beautiful diamond leaves tiara.
The tiara was made of diamond leaves in
clusters. It wraps completly around the head.
It on several occasions in the past has
been worn by HM Queen Margarita. It could,
possibly have come from her family.

The bridal veil was made of tulle
and was the same slightly longer then
the train.

The dress was made of a soft white fabric.
Photos make it hard to tell which fabric,
though it is most likely silk. The dress
is embroidered through out with a flower
design. The dress has a low cowl collar
neckline, and sleeves. The dress had
no bodice and the skirt which was full
length, slightly flaired from the waist.

The bridal bouquet looks as thought it
could be made of lilies-of-the-valley.