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Miriam Ungria
For her wedding in 1998 Ariana von
The bride wore the same beautiful,
diamond tiara that was worn by
her sister-in-law Carla Villanova.
The tiara formally belonged to HM
Queen Giovanna. It was possibly
a wedding gift to the Queen from
either her family (the Savoy's)
or from her husband King Boris.

The bride wore a beautiful white
silk dress. The dress was accompanied
by a veil of tulle and a beautifully
long train, attached at the waist. The
veil is accented at the ends by lace work.
The gown is accented with length
sleeves, ending at the elbow, yet they
are extended by panels of lace, to form
a bell shape. The neckline of the dress
is shallow and close to the neck. The
skirt of the gown is of a small bell shape
and is ankle length. The bridal train is
3 meters long.

The bride carried a bouquet of assorted
white flowers.