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Francesca Von Thyssen-Bornemisza
Francesca wore a crème colored lace
veil. It was completely embroidered
with what looks to be a flower pattern.
The bride wore a beautiful diamond tiara.
The tiara looks as though it is made with
two parallel lines of diamonds with what
looks to be about six large pearls. The
province of this tiara is unknown;
although it is possible it may belong
to the bride’s family or that of the

Gianni Versace designed a beautiful
bridal coat for the bride. Made of
Cashmere, Silk Satin, with glass beads
and metallic braid, the coat was also
embroidered. The coat was beautifully
buttoned up the front with large
crystal buttons. The hems of the coat
were embroidered and also supported
glass beads. The front of the coat
featured a very small yet distinct
corset at the bottom of the waist
line. The edges heavily embroidered
with metallic braid with a criss-
cross of crème colored fabric. The
rest of the waist line was
embroidered with a small tail of
glass beads on both sides. The
upper portion of the coat was
nicely fitted.

The neckline of the boat, and the
edge of the wrist length sleeves
were also embroidered heavily and
featured glass beads.

The skirt of the coat was large and
bell shaped. The skirt itself had no
embroidery. The bottom hem was also
left alone. Although the skirt of the
coat buttoned completely to the bottom,
and also like the upper portion of the
coat featured embroidery at the buttons

The bride wore gloves, and carried a
small bible and a pearl rosary.